Second Edition – Announcement

Announcing the release of The Gut Health Protocol – Second Edition! Both the Kindle and Paperback versions are now live on Amazon. The update is free if you have purchased the first Kindle version (instructions below).

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This edition includes a lot of changes and additions, in fact the first edition was 350 pages, this second edition is double that size (when comparing the same page size). (Kindle upgrade instructions follow)

I truly believe that the new information in this book will change the way SIBO, Intestinal Yeast, and most chronic gut issues, are treated, especially from a natural perspective. The research studies that I located, and discuss in the book, clearly show that there are healthy ways to kill SIBO without harming the microbiome nearly as much as antibiotics and previous natural treatments. This is very important for healing and long term success. The “aftercare” found in Chapter 2 is also new, and extremely important. This information should also be read by anyone that has, or is planning, to take antibiotics.

For those of you that have already read the First Edition here is a brief summary of what’s new.


  • New 7×10″ book size (was 6×9″) and over 500 pages!
  • Over 1,200 referenced research studies (was 500)
  • Easier to understand where you should go from here, with clear recommendations for each condition and phase.
  • Background on how the gut works and what has gone wrong.
  • It is easier to skip sections, even whole chapters if they don’t apply to your condition.
  • The addition of a “Strategy” section at the end of most chapters and major sections. This is your cheat sheet.

Major Changes since the First Edition

  • Chapter 1 between the beginning of the chapter and Section 1 is all new.
  • Ch 1, Sec 9, “Kill” supplements. These updates are very important.
  • Ch 1, Sect, 15, 16 and Strategy
  • Chapter 2, most of this chapter is new. Butyrate, Fibers, Turmeric, Glycine, Strategy. This chapter is a must read.
  • Ch 5, SIBO – Several updates, SIBO Testing
  • Ch 6, added Cinnamon oil studies related to Candida, Recommendations updated.
  • Ch 12, Lipopolysaccharide – LPS, Strategy
  • Ch 15, Natural Treatments, added a few new things, w/studies
  • Ch 17, 18, 19, and 20, are all new chapters
  • Appendix D, added 3 recipes
  • Appendix G, MTHFR is new
  • Appendix I, Eczema is new
  • Appendix J, Carbohydrates
  • A lot of the changes are mixed throughout the book; new studies
  • more analysis, clean up, etc.

Kindle Update Instructions:

Do you have a Kindle version of the First Edition? If so you should be able to update it for free on Amazon. Here is how you do it.

  • Go to Amazon’s website and login
  • Click on “Your Account”
  • Click on “Manage Your Content and Devices” (if in the U.S. you can just click on this link)
  • Scroll down the list to find “The Gut Health Protocol”
  • Click on the three dots to the left of the book title
  • Click on “Update this Title”Manage Your Content and Devices - Example of how to Update
  • Note that all of your previous bookmarks, highlights, etc. for the 1st Edition will be lost.
    Kindle Update showing the old book will be replaced
  • After you Sync your Kindle you should now have the new version. This also allows you to read the new version online in the Cloud Reader (you may have to click on the refresh arrows at the top).
  • I’m getting reports that the Update is not showing up. I’m working with Amazon to get this fixed. In the mean time you can contact them via Chat and they’ll be happy to update it for you (click on Digital Services, Kindle eBooks, Problems Downloading Content, “Chat”).

Kindle Version Enhancements

  • Images in the Kindle version can be enlarged by clicking on them. Use the back button to return to reading.
  • All references are linked to their web address and to the end-notes in the back of the book should you wish to write it down.
  • There is both a functioning Table of Contents (use the Kindle TOC option, or scroll to the beginning of the book) and NDX in book navigation.
  • There is an Index at the end of the book with links to Kindle pages where the text appears (the page numbers shown are for the paperback. Kindle books resize based on fonts, etc, so listing a page number isn’t possible).

I hope you enjoy the new book and get the answers you’re looking for. Please remember to review it on Amazon! That really means a lot to me.


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