The following are actual Testimonials from the book’s Facebook group. If you would like to read more testimonials see the “Verified Purchase” reviews on Amazon.

  • “I have had stomach issues my entire life and seen loads of doctors with no help or correct diagnosis. John’s protocol has saved / changed my life, it is as simple (and as major) as that!!” — Kirsti L.
  • “Just got results back from my doctor that my H. Pylori results came back NEGATIVE! Just a heads up for people who are struggling with it right now, I took 4 rounds of strong triple therapy and it still didn’t go away. I changed my diet, took mastic gum, and used Kefir and Kombucha as my everyday beverage to rid it away! It worked… Just a recommendation for people to try! John’s book helped as a good guide for me in the H. Pylori section.” — Julio R.
  • “Once I started addressing more fibre and diet diversity – and got off kill stage and into healing gut stage everything fell into place for me.” — Tanya K.
  • “So far, I’ve learned more from that book than from the doctors I’ve spent thousands on.” — Jess
  • “This book and approach is amazing. It clarifies so much and incorporates the other diets and concerns so well – takes a very confusing SIBO puzzle and allows the pieces to easily fit. I started on Fast Tract and now took that start and applied it to the Gut Health Protocol. I am amazed that I can eat dairy! I haven’t been able to tolerate it for over 40 years. It is only day 5, so grateful.” — Barbara Z.
  • “When I first went to Dr. For IBS they put me on PPIs for long time. Seems like every time (I’ve gone) I’ve been given bad advice. Thanks to John’s protocol I’m feeling on right path… I tagged you in my progress report. My SIBO is gone. I am in repair and maintenance stage. Feeling so much better from following the Gut Health Protocol” — Madeline B.
  • “If you read thru the gut health book and read up on things like leaky gut, sibo, Candida, parasites, and treat based on that, you don’t need testing to confirm what you already know. My Dr wasn’t really into testing me either. Reading this book and jumping into this protocol has been a life saver for me. Changed my diet to whole food…nothing processed or canned. In just 3 short months I feel like I’m in my 20’s again not my 50’s.” — Linda B.
  • “Before I made attempts to become healthy, I could be very angry and pissed off at the smallest things in life, and be irrational angry. Parasites / bacteria really affect mental health and human behaviour i am sure. After following the diet in the book, I have never felt better and results have been shown in as little as 3-4 weeks.” — Roland P.
  • “THANK YOU !!!! I have been suffering from IBS and SIBO for years …. I came across your “gut health protocol” and followed it to a T… and I truly have not felt this good in years !!!!!! You have given me my life back !!!!! I never realized how sick I was, and I forgot how a healthy person should feel. I thought I had to live my life feeling the way I did. Not the case at all !! To everyone out there…. read the gut protocol, follow what is suggested…its so worth it !!!” — Jackie A.
  • “I absolutely had really bad fructose malabsorption prior to my sibo treatment. Even a small amount of cherries caused a reaction. Then after treating SIBO, in December I decided to try again I found I could manage not only some, but huge amount of cherries with no reaction.” — Jamie D.
  • “I have a mini testimonial! I have been on “the protocol” for just two days. I do have to say the first day was pretty rough. After taking the Interphase Plus, I had burning from my esophagus to my stomach and severe nausea and cramping. Yesterday, same thing only less severe and today I was fine. The “big D” has been much improved and I’m handling the extra fat pretty well (I have been eating more fat in the last year). I have been afraid of losing more weight because I’m not eating my resistant starches and nuts. So far, I’m doing well and definitely feel I’m making progress. I’m feeling more hopeful than I have in awhile! I can’t wait to give more positive feedback! By the way, don’t let my first day discourage anyone. It only lasted a short while.” — Sue S.
  • “I feel good 50% of the time, which is a huge improvement. I find your protocol the most tactical and hopeful, because I’m able to put logic behind my actions for improvement. SIBO is smart, and it’ll take a logically mind to beat it.” — Erik K.
  • “Hi John Herron I wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication to spreading the success story of healing SIBO. I’m doing MUCH better after adding sauerkraut and coconut oil into my tea daily. I am certainly not healed but am doing much better and on the way!” — Meghan R.
  • “I have a long way to go but I feel so much better since I started your protocol!!!” — Cynthia S.
  • “I did flagl twice…just made everything taste bad…fermented foods are doing so much to correct motility and gas/bloating…more than any supplements or medicines” — Sheila M.
  • “The Fermented foods recommended in the protocol have improved every aspect of my health.” — Freddie K.
  • “Hey guys, wanted to provide a small update: I’ve been doing John’s protocol for the last two months and it has helped immensely with my SIBO. My bloating and stomach distention are pretty much gone, ditto stools pretty much normal and motility much better. I had a glucose breath test (unfortunately only for hydrogen) a couple of weeks ago and it was negative. I’m should say that I did the protocol full swing, all of the supplements and extra antimicrobials, as well as lifestyle changes. I’m not necessarily 100% better, but it’s the first thing I’ve done beside a ridiculously restrictive diet that has actually helped me heal. In fact, previously my diet was slowly becoming more and more restricted. Give it a try, it’s good stuff. And, hey John Herron, thank you!” — Michelle M.
  • “I would like to share that I have had such great success. My gut is probably about 90% better. I realize that it still probably has issues and this is a journey of healing and keeping it well, but I have had no bloating, belching, constipation or diarrhea, and limited moments of soreness. I feel that I am digesting my food and the shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and discomfort in my throat are gone too. I feel other parts of my body are starting to absorb minerals and vitamins again and I suspect this protocol will still take time as it’s only been probably a week and a half that I feel this way but man, I am happy!! My stomach is flat (I could care less about that from a vain perspective, it’s nice to not be belching or unable to breathe or just uncomfortable!!)” — Berea F.
  • “At first, all of those supplements were difficult- that’s a lot of pills! However, I think adding the enzymes helped, and the biofilm disrupters as well. I attended the SIBO training last January at NCNM, but your protocol puts it together so much easier than much of the training did!” — Tina J.
  • “I agree that alone it (diet) doesn’t work, I’ve done it before and I’m obviously on this site, so that says a lot lol but, I did it again and followed up with johns protocol and it has helped me tremendously.” — Kristen C.
  • “Thanks John Herron…i am reading your protocol like the Bible…i have read lots of stuff online..but your material is the best I have seen… No one would confuse you for a physician…though honestly you know more than 99 percent of them. I find that i have made the most progress by learning from folks like yourself…sick people who found a way to get well…rather than some worthless doctor running a business. If you ever decide to consult i would be glad to sign up.” — Mike A.
  • An update from Mike A. “John Herron. Wanted to thank you for pointing out that my symptoms might be related to fructose malabsorbtion. I cut out all fruit and my gut pain ended!” — Mike A.
  • “John, I have tolerated all the different Kefir brands I have tried. And since I have followed the protocol I no longer am lactose intolerant (digestive symptoms!) if you can believe that!” — Glenn P.
  • “I just looked at your latest protocol and I have to say it is totally amazing! It seems more thorough than most of the 5 books I have read. Were/are you something famous for your job?” — Debbie H.


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  1. Thank you for improving the quality of life for myself and my two little daughters. We are so grateful.

  2. Hi! I am trying to place an order for the Phage Complete Probiotic. The pay pal link doesn;t seem to be working. Please advise. Thank you!

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