Chapter 5 – Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO)

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The Gut Health Protocol – The book that started it all. Explains how your gut should work, what is going wrong with it, and what you can do about it. All backed up by excerpts from over 1,200 research studies.

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Probiotic / No FODMAP Prebiotic / Phage supplement.

Designed by the author of The Gut Health Protocol specifically with the needs of people experiencing gut issues in mind. See this very detailed white paper for more information and why you can probably take this Probiotic even when you couldn’t handle other ones in the past.

Also see Chapter 1, Section 9 (2nd Edition) for much more information regarding Cinnamon Oil. This particular cinnamon oil is a selective kill supplement; it can kill many bad bacteria strains while not harming most of the beneficial strains in our gut.

An enzyme based biofilm disrupter.

“Lactoferrin binds iron so that pathogenic bacteria won’t be able to utilize it, but your body can. In fact, Lactoferrin makes iron more bio-available for humans. This one function alone makes lactoferrin very important to stopping bacterial and yeast gut infections. It is also a biofilm disrupter (see above), so this further adds to its effectiveness.”

“NAC is an over the counter nutritional supplement that has been shown in several studies to reduce pathogenic bacteria, and is a biofilm disrupter. “

An alternative, or taken in combination with cinnamon oil, See Chapter 1, Section 9 (2nd Edition) for much more information regarding clove oil.

Prescript-Assist is a premium multi-strain soil based probiotic. Picks up where Phage Complete leaves off.

Lauricidin / Monolaurin – See Chapter 1, Section 13 of The Gut Health Protocol book.

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