New Advanced Probiotic / Prebiotic Formula

Announcing – Phage Complete

After years of looking for a good Probiotic I finally gave up! There just wasn’t one. So I decided to develop and contract for one to be created! It also has a unique new Prebiotic. The name of this new product is Phage Complete.

I’m not joking when I say I’ve looked at hundreds of probiotic formulas. Every formula I looked at either caused issues for sensitive people, wasn’t complete,  didn’t help repair the gut, or contained problematic ingredients that have been shown to actually harm the gut. So I decided to develop one myself, based on the research and science found in The Gut Health Protocol, as well as some very old science that isn’t contained in the book, phages.

Phage Complete ™ has been specially formulated to contain no histamine or d-lactate producing bacteria strains, no FODMAP fibers, no maltodextrin, no sugar alcohols, etc.  The proPhage Complete Bottlebiotic bacteria strains were selected for their ability to heal the gut, heal leaky gut, and downgrade biogenic amines (of which histamine is one). The strains included were all chosen by me to have the most benefit to the gut, while causing no harm. You’ll learn much more about each ingredient in Phage Complete in the “Phage Complete – Benefits Whitepaper” linked below.

Phage Complete also contains a unique new (actually very old, but rediscovered) prebiotic called phages. Those of you that know what phages are may be scratching your head as to why it I’m calling them a prebiotic; when I first heard it called that I too was scratching my head. But then it dawned on me why it is classified as such. Phages kill very specific bacteria, one phage strain basically kills one bacterial strain (and maybe some really close relatives). This makes them, very safe to use. When it kills bad bacteria the cells of the dead bacteria become food for the living beneficial bacteria. When you target bad bacteria and feed beneficial bacteria that “food” is “Prebiotic”. Anything that leads the growth of good bacteria in the gut is called a Prebiotic by the FDA. See the article linked below on Bacteriophage Therapy.

“Prebiotics have been defined as nondigestible food ingredients that beneficially affect the host by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of one or a limited number of bacteria in the colon” — FDA.GOV

You can find out far more detail on phages and Phage Complete by following these links:

  • Phage Complete – Benefits Whitepaper – The science behind Phage Complete, with numerous studies/links for each probiotic. Also what makes this probiotic / prebiotic different from all the rest.
  • Bacteriophage Therapy – Will Phages Replace Antibiotics? – A great article (if I do say so myself) on phages; bacteriophage therapy, the history,  phage safety, method of action, benefits, future, and recent news.
  • Order Phage Complete – Checkout is through Paypal; no Paypal account needed and I never see your credit card details! Your confidentiality and security are ensured. If you do have a Paypal account, or create one, you are also covered by Paypal purchase protection.    (Now Accepting Orders!)

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you aren’t happy with it return it within 30 days with a printed copy of your Paypal receipt (showing your name, order number, and what you ordered). You will receive a full refund (not including shipping for international orders).

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


11 thoughts on “New Advanced Probiotic / Prebiotic Formula

      1. Hello John Herron

        Thank you for the wonderful work you have done in solving gut health issues.
        I have just ordered your Phage Complete and am wondering about the packaging. Are the capsules packaged in foil to avoid radiation damage when they pass through Australian customs?
        Again, thanks so much for your help, your research and advices have changed my life.
        Kind regards

        1. Sorry for the slow reply, I did address this for you in the Facebook group. In short, probiotics are not damaged in the least by standard x-rays, only by irradiation. Irradiation is approximately 2 million times stronger than a chest x-ray. Irradiation is only used for mail addressed to U.S. Federal offices in Washington D.C. (this is to combat Anthrax). See this from the U.S. EPA

          1. Sorry for duplicating the question John, I wasn’t sure where I should write so copied to facebook.

            Kind regards

  1. I don’t see and numbers next to the strains. I have read many articles that say one should only use probiotics that have the strain number.

    1. There are more and more proprietary strains (not GMO, selective breading, just like all of our vegetables). Each company trying to improve the benefits. The strain number is becoming less and less relevant because of that. But the probiotics are becoming more and more beneficial.

  2. John, is this product recommended for those without SIBO? (Large intestine dysbiosis only)

    Seeking something to help with bloating/C. Currently in 2nd month of healing phase & no relief yet.

    Thank you!

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