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  1. I have IBS, IBD and celiac. I notice that the Phage Complete contains gellan gum, which bothers me in almond milk, coconut milk and other dairy free products. I would love to try it but I am wondering if this is going to be a problem.

  2. Let me rephrase. Gellan gum is a problem for people with gut issues. I am wondering why your Phage Complete contains it when I’ve never seen a supplement that contained this thickener.

    1. Gums are found in a lot of different foods, especially vegetables. Gellan gum is a vegan safe alternative to gelatin, made from bacterial fermentation, and has an extremely good safety record. It is used in a very small amount in the capsule of Phage Complete and is probably the best capsule ingredient for vegans. In fact vegans make soups, gravies, yogurt, ice cream, etc. from it (in much higher amounts than that found in the capsule) and it is found in many processed foods.

      Everyone is sensitive to something, this ingredient is probably the friendliest one available for a vegan safe capsule. It is unlikely to a problem for the vast majority of people, including those with gut issues.

      1. Thank you, sir, for your explanation. I have received my Phage Complete today (perfect timing) and I took my first capsule with dinner. I look forward to great results following your protocol. You are a godsend!

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