What is SIBO and What Can Be Done About It?

Of course “The Gut Health Protocol” covers SIBO in-depth. But sometimes people just want to know “what is SIBO”. So you can now download the first 4 pages of Chapter 5, “Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth”. This covers the basics and gives you a feel for the book. The remainder of Chapter 5 provides more depth, many more studies, treatment options, and explains the various medical tests for SIBO.

2 thoughts on “What is SIBO and What Can Be Done About It?”

  1. My concern, when checking the references, is 1) Not seeing the name of the current & continuing foremost US researcher in any of the references …
    2.) There is more current research, with new treatments, that are extremely effective, reducing symptoms quickly WHILE healing underlying problem.

    Additionally, there is a fairly current CONSUMER REPORTS out (summer 2016) that has a few page article on supplements. While I truly believe in the natural way if at all possible, any “supplements” for me, would have to come from an extremely knowledgable herbalist, having put in years of study, or after growing organic herb myself under dosage supervision of a professional with experience commensurate with knowledge of same. It’s a shame that in the US they try to synthesize products with substitutes for God made & provided natural materials-organically grown, that even those that are man-created are SUPPOSED to be equal, our bodies spend majority of time trying to figure out what it is, then what to do with it; while God grown organic compounds (not using even synthesized encapsulations), our bodies have no task other than absorption, which they immediately know what it is.
    If you’d like references, please message me.

    Also, there is a very interesting study out of Holland (I believe is correct country-having just been released from hospital due to emergency life-saving surgery-unrelated reasons) June, 2016.

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