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Vitamin D and the Gut’s Intestinal Mucosal Barrier

Did you know that the debilitating childhood disease rickets is making a comeback in the world? Especially in western countries like England and the U.S.? Or that our children are suffering from more and more autoimmune diseases at earlier and earlier ages? Do you know why? It isn’t because of pollution, it isn’t because of poverty, it isn’t really even due a lack of lack of vitamin D in the diet. Its a lack of sun exposure. For the most part, our children aren’t being forced into dark factories like in previous generations, those factories aren’t spewing out black soot blocking the sun, there isn’t rampant disease causing parents to keep children off the streets. The cause is a largely unfounded and irrational fear of skin cancer. Often times Vitamin D deficiency shows up in infants because the baby’s mother is Vitamin D deficient and the baby is breastfed (PubMed #PMC3012634). Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency are increasingly common in western cultures.

It is clear from the studies (below) that Vitamin D insufficiency is directly related to inflammation and poor mucosal barrier function. Both of these have a direct impact on the gut and gut related diseases such as SIBO. Vitamin D is so important to the immune system that some bacteria actually inhibit our body’s ability to absorb and utilize Vitamin D, doing this for their own survival. Continue reading Vitamin D and the Gut’s Intestinal Mucosal Barrier