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Testimonials for Phage Complete

Phage Complete Testimonials

The following testimonials for Phage Complete are a sampling of what has been received on The Gut Health Protocol Facebook group with a few private messages thrown in (though these people are also group members). No one received any compensation for their review. This does not include the large number of private messages I get, nor very short comments such as “working great!” You can click here to order a bottle for yourself, and join these happy people, or click here to learn more.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Ali B. – “John, you are a genius. I feel AWESOME on phage complete. I’m 5 days in. Starting at two pills a day was a little bit too much for me. 1 a day is working great! Normal stools (which never happens) no bloating, and great energy! Def having a little bit of die off, but mostly itchiness and that is it. Def not making me constipated as I was afraid it was going to.”

    Ali B. – 8/3/2017 Update: “Yes!! I still stand by my testimonial. This stuff is awesome!”
  • Newsha M. – “I don’t have SIBO, but do have SIFO and dysbiosis. My stool test showed low levels of bifido and some other good bacteria, below-range butyrate, and high E coli. I’ve been struggling with on-and-off chronic fatigue for a couple of years. I’m in the kill phase and all the die off had made fatigue worse. I got a big improvement in energy after just one day of Phage. None of the other probiotics I had been taking had helped my fatigue “
  • Bridget W. – “Third day on phage complete. Been having three a day! No bad side effects, starting to get very good stools (normally constipated and not at the moment)… I brought 4 it was about £33 pounds customs. But it is worth it so far very pleased with the results.”
  • Becky L. – “Improved stool consistency, less urgency. Better mood, energy. I have started with one pill a day for about a week. I wish you well with it.”
  • Olivia – “I give it (Phage Complete) to my 19 month old baby. She does just fine on it! In fact her eczema and bowel movements have greatly improved in the 17 days she’s taken it.”

    Olivia – “Phage Complete probiotic update. My 19 month old baby is on day 17 of the supplement. She (normally) suffers from severe food allergies and has a skin condition called eczema which is said to be caused by leaky gut and “leaky” skin, which is why we are exploring the gut – skin connection. She had a small die off reaction around day 3 or so where her skin flared up in her typical eczema spots for a day or two, but since then her eczema has almost completely disapeared and her skin is so soft! We are doing other things to treat her skin of course, but Phage Complete was the only new thing we added. She is still reactive to foods, but she’s not having any new flare ups! Her poop is also healthy looking. I think we found a winner here. Thank you for developing this probiotic John Herron!”
  • Cyrus S. – “Between Phage Complete and goat colostrum I’m feeling as good as any time in the last 15 years.”
  • Deena – “I have taken 2 doses of it and so far I feel so hopeful! Both days I had perfect bathroom visits (sorry I know TMI but it is something to celebrate here). Think I am going to increase to two doses per day starting tomorrow. Thank you John Herron!!!”
  • William B. – “Phage Complete has made a noticeable improvement in my quality of life (QOL) in just over 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I did experience pretty significant die off while taking 2 capsules per day that felt quite similar to doing bowel prep before a colonoscopy. It was not painful just unpleasant due to frequency/urgency of it all, especially the night before and morning of airline travel. Thankfully, the bloating and urgency to use the bathroom slowly subsided over the next couple of days as I took just one capsule instead of two. Once I felt totally comfortable again (~4 days or so), I bumped it back up to 2 capsules and have stayed there since. While keeping everything else the same (i.e. I tried to run it like an experiment by not adding/subtracting anything else), some things I’ve noticed would be an improvement in the eczema on my hands that is almost gone, the smoldering inflammation around the site of bowel re-section has decreased significantly, some food sensitivities have decreased, and I have much, more energy. Definitely excited to see what else the coming weeks and months on Phage Complete have in store for me!

    William B. – Addendum on 7/19: “ I’m very encouraged already and it’s only been slightly less than a month! #amazing “
  • Anna F. – “Ordered two more bottles! everyone in my family loves this product and can see positive changes after only a week on it”
  • Adam J. – “I just ordered another bottle. This is the FIRST probiotic that I can take. Phages is the FIRST probiotic that actually helps me, and it is the FIRST probiotic that I have taken that does not make me feel worse. Thank you John Herron!!!”

    Adam J. – 7/17/17 Update: “Morning all 🙂 I have been having amazing results with Phages probiotics. In fact, they are the first probiotics that have not made me feel worse, and are actually helping the bloating and sorry if TMI…making almost normal, perfect BMs (cannot remember the last time it was this ‘normal’).”
  • Stephanie V. – “It is helping me and I have high Methane. My stomach hasn’t been hurting me as bad. I just ordered my 2nd bottle.”
  • David B. – ” I would like to say I have been taking phage for nearly 2 weeks AND IT IS THE ONLY PROBIOTIC THAT I CAN TAKE! A big chur bro from this Kiwi John Herron If I lived closer I would shout you a beer and shake your hand for making such a wonderful product, at long last I have a probiotic that doesn’t give me a major sibo set back! 🙂 🙂 🙂 “
  • Justin D. – “much less painful bloating after foods, no more constipation, no more joint pain, increased energy levels, less reflux. I still have some bloating and indigestion problems due to liver/candida issues that I dont think PC will address. But for a probiotic it did pretty damn good probably comparably to when I was taking close to 2 trillion CFU per day of visbiome which was costing me almost $200 a month, this is $40 a month Im very happy”
  • Shawn T. – “I am on week 3 of Phage Complete and have noticed so many benefits(since day 1). Pain and nausea are gone. Anxiety is GONE. My hard core sugar cravings are gone. Skin conditions have been showing signs of improvement. I am much more calm and focused. My stool has gotten way better. Night sweats(I believe to be hormone imbalance) are gone. Smelly gas is gone. I hope this feeling of wellness continues as I continue to take it and hopefully heal my gut. This supplement has been such a blessing. Thank you so much John Herron…I was giving up hope, but this has tremendously helped me both physically, and mentally.”

    Shawn T. – Addendum: 7/20/2017 – “The product phage complete was developed by the author after the book came out. I started using it a month ago and all symptoms (even ones I didn’t notice much) are gone and stool is back to normal. There are some foods to avoid while on phage complete that you can see on the FAQ part of the website for it.”
  • John P. – “This morning I woke up, had breakfast and had another Phage. Today I have had three perfect BMs, no pain, a shed load more energy, almost as if I was never sick before. My sinuses feel clear. I can only put this down to Phage. I don’t know what it is, but after all those Antibiotics and HP my body felt like it had nothing left. I have tried so many Probiotics over the last 12 months, nothing worked like this. I am a very sensitive person when it comes to herbs, they seem to effect me more than most, but I can stand by the Phage Complete and urge anyone struggling with their gut health to give this a go. I have given some of my second bottle to friends to try as well. Thank you John Herron, you have made a fantastic product. More updates to come as time goes on.”
  • Matt K. – ” I’m on my 4th week and can tell a huge difference. I am able to tolerate foods that I couldn’t tolerate that well in the past and having regular bowls everyday which is not normal for me. I have had more evergy, slept better and just feel good. I hope it continues in this direction. I can’t thank John Herron enough for this product. So far I give it 2 thumbs up.”
  • Catherine S. – “I am doing very well taking this probiotic, often I have some adverse reaction but not with your product. I am very grateful to you and I will order at least 2 more bottles… Bless you for your dedication and commitment to all of us with various G.I. Issues.”
  • Zoe S. – “I have been taking it for almost two weeks and bloating, pain and gas are gone! Feeling great!”
  • Madeline B. – “I’m now free to leave the house, thanks John!”
  • Nathan H. – “I’ve been using phage complete to great success along with the steps outlined in your book. You’ve been a lifesaver and I appreciate how kind hearted you are to help all these people without charging an arm and a leg to do so. If there’s ever anything I can do to repay the favor please don’t hesitate to ask!”
  • Sean D. – “I’ve been taking Phage complete for almost a month now and it’s great, definitely “feel” like I have more energy and also feel like my digestion has improved too.”
  • Carly P. – “Yes it did (bloading disappeared) and I’ve felt so much improvement since taking it!!!”
  • Rachel S. – “I will tell you that my Bm’s have become fantastic since starting all of this which is great news!… Thank you so much John!!!”
  • Ji K. – “I had lifelong severe C (constipation), resulting in debilitating CFS/ME. The GHP plus phage complete has COMPLETELY resolved that. My mother was the same and is also doing well on the product. Just an n=2 anecdote, but it did clearly work for us.”
  • Ng T. – “Hi john, thankyou so much for writing the gut health protocol and developing phage complete. It has helped alleviate my symptoms tremendously”
  • Annette K. – “Thank you, John Herron! I have been battling SIBO for 5 1/2 years. I have tried every option out there multiple times and the only thing that has helped is Phage Complete! I am still in disbelief that I’m not bloated anymore! I’m hoping it sticks because after all this time it feels too good to be true! I literally have tears come to my eyes when I eat because I can’t believe I can eat and not look 6 months pregnant! I’m so grateful!”

    Update 8/25/2017: “Thank you! I appreciate your help. I can’t believe how much PC has helped. I feel like I’m getting my life back! Obviously still some gut healling to do, but I think I’m finally on the right track. I owe this to you!”

  • Milos C. – private message on 8/25/2017 – After 3 years of suffer, lost kilograms, palpitations, anxiety and constant fatigue. Sun is getting step by step out of Fog “
  • Francesca J. (private message on 8/30/2017) – “Hi John, just wanted to give you a bit of an update and just ask a question about the protocol. In good news – I have been doing the protocol now for 5 weeks… I have been feeling a whole lot better – wasn’t expecting to feel a difference for a little while! Energy has improved, gut symptoms (diarrhea, nausea, bloating, cramping) have improved… thrush has come back negative after being very persistent yay! BMs are HUGELY improved, and just feel like I am getting more from my food. Thanks so much for all your help and for this protocol – this is the biggest difference I have ever seen in my gut symptoms and it has given me a lot of hope and optimism about getting back to “normal”! ”

    Update (9/13/17) = “Also saw Dr. Paul %%%%% last week – leading gastroenterologist in gut healing. He basically said that your protocol was working well for me (which I knew already!) and that he wouldn’t change a thing, just stick with the phage complete, cinnamon oil, lactoferrin and s. boulardi for another month, and keep upping the fiber and probiotics… (he) agreed with me and you that adding in a broad spectrum antimicrobials like usnea was not a good idea and would damage the microbiome… Has been 2 months now and I am feeling unrecognizably better!!”

  • Rachel A. – “It is the only thing that keeps brain fog away for me. I tried to reduce (since I think the die-off is contributing to my hair loss) but felt distinctly worse. After just a day and a half of taking it 2x a day again, I already feel better! (I have suspected SIBO-C, not officially diagnosed.) John Herron, I just want to thank you so much for The Phage Complete.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.