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Ditch The Vegetable Oil

I began this article after reading a decent write up describing the problems with Canola Oil, by Swanson Vitamins The (Not-So) Hidden Dangers of Canola Oil, it’s worth a read, especially if you’re new to the subject. But I thought I would add some more science to the issue.

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Saturated Fats Can Prevent Inflammation and Heart Disease

Yes, you read that right, saturated fats (and cholesterol!) can help prevent heart disease. How you might ask? Well that turns out to be the interesting part. Through changes in our gut bacteria.

As this study on PubMed from 2013 indicates, meat eaters have more Prevotella bacteria than vegans. This bacteria breaks down carnitine from red meat in to TMA in the gut. TMA causes inflammation and cardiovascular disease . This study used an 8oz cut of lean steak to measure TMA in both a group of vegans and a group of regular meat eaters. The vegans produced less TMA than the meat eaters because they had less of the Prevotella bacteria. But you say I said saturated fat (like that in red meat) can prevent heart disease and inflammation? Read on! Continue reading Saturated Fats Can Prevent Inflammation and Heart Disease